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Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands hotels and tours

Welcome to Komodo and Lesser Sunda Islands

The Lesser Sunda Islands, also known as Nusa Tenggara, lie east of Java and include the islands of Komodo, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores, Timor, Alor, and adjacent smaller islands. They form a 1200-km long arc towards the south of central Indonesia. The enchanting colour of the sea, the spectacular marine life, and great value Lesser Sunda Islands hotels throughout the region draw many visitors to the islands.

The waters surrounding Komodo and the Lesser Sunda Islands are populated by spectacular marine life.

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Encompassing an area of 280 square km, the small island of Komodo lies between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa. Hills and barren land cover the whole island, except for some palm trees and wood that intermittently break the monotony of the landscap. Komodo is best known for its resident dragons! The Komodo dragons are giant lizards that are the largest in the world. They live on the islands of Komodo, Rinca and other small islands in the region. This protected species is the last of its kind surviving today with only 5700 or so left.

There is much to see and do throughout Komodo National Park and the Lesser Sunda Islands. Divers and snorkelers love to swim among the unending schools of fish that rush out from the sea vents and ride the water currents. The seabed is a riot of colours too with the aquatic invertebrates and florescent corals forming a thick carpet of matchless beauty. Then there is the unique and rich culture of the locals living on the islands. You can get up close and experience this rich culture firsthand on a Komodo Island tours, Flores Island tour and Sumba Island tour.

The Komodo National Park is home to marine life that is as varied as dolphins, mostly pelagic dugong, frog fish, mantas, nudibranches or molluscs, sharks, small pygmy seahorses and turtles, to name just a few. The terrain of the seabed varies from gentle slopes to steep cliffs, sandy flatlands to tall peaks, plateaus to caves, channels, and swim-through passages. The corals on the seabed are perfect and stunning. They are of all shapes, sizes, colours and types. We have many Komodo National Park tours and activities to help you discover some of the island's magical beauty!

Indeed the dry and rocky terrain is as ancient as the creatures that live here. The very distinct and unusual biosphere observed in the region was formed as a result of the volcanic activity that gave rise to the islands of Bali, Java, Sumatra and others that lie east of Papua New Guinea. The rich green valleys that lie between the volcanic peaks present quite a welcome surprise.

While the Komodo Island boasts of wildlife that includes a modest 185 species, its marine life is diverse and huge. The wildlife includes mainly Asian-Australian transition species such as cockatoos, eagles, Komodo dragons, pigeons, snakes, Timorese deer and wild horses.

We also offer tours to explore the beautiful islands of Sumba and Flores. Our Flores tours and Sumba tours offer a fascinating insight into the unique culture of these islands, as well as allowing you to discover their beauty.

Bali is possibly the most popular tourist destination amongst the Lesser Sunda Islands and is Indonesia's most visitor friendly island. The island's varied landscape provides a picturesque backdrop of hills and mountains, rugged coast and sandy beaches, and rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides. Deeply spiritual and warm and friendly, the island also boasts of a rich culture, fabulous shopping, mouth-watering cuisine and a wide range of Bali hotels and tours in Bali.

The Lesser Sundas are located on an inner volcanic ring and were created by the subduction after which the Australian tectonic plate partially melted below the Eurasian plate. The islands are the coming together of volcanoes from the Tertiary and Quaternary periods that are bound together by lava and sediment. Most of the islands in the chain were formed during the Tertiary or Mio-Pliocene period and the more recent Quaternary period. The island of Komodo alone was created during the Mesozoic Age.

The islands of Lombok and Sumbawa are on the Sunda Arc while the rest of the islands are on the Banda Arc. The Wallace Line, which represents the end of the Sunda Shelf, separates the island chain from Java and Bali on the west. Savannah woodlands and monsoon forests make up the natural vegetation of the land.

Check out our Komodo and Lesser Sunda Islands hotels listings for a full range of accommodation in Komodo and Lesser Sunda Islands for travellers to this unique destination. These include Sumba hotels, Flores hotels, Labuanbajo hotels, Komodo Island hotels and Komodo National Park hotels. We have a range from simple budget hotels and guesthouses through to luxury resorts and hotels in Flores, Sumba, Labuanbajo and Komodo.

If you would like to be near to a particular Komodo and Lesser Sunda Islands tourist attraction, such as the spectacular Komodo National Park, you can check our our Komodo and Lesser Sunda Islands map to see which Lesser Sunda Islands hotels are nearest before making your Lesser Sunda Islands hotels booking online.

From: USD 43

Golo Hilltop is a small hotel settled on a slope of a hill facing westward towards Komodo National Park. It offers superb ocean views and daily sunsets. The rooms are housed in several separated cottages, each of them have its own veranda to give you a chance to enjoy being immersed in nature.

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Green Hill is a small guest house located in the downtown area of Labuanbajo. It is not a hotel but a place for those who want to stay close enough to the harbor, restaurants and other facilities in this small and bustling town of Labuanbajo.

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From: USD 55

Puri Sari Beach Hotel is located on the beach about 3 km south of Labuanbajo  - the gateway to Komodo National Park. The Hotel is only about 12 minutes drive from the Airport of Labuan bajo and 10 minutes walking distance from downtown Labuanbajo.

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From: USD 87

Bintang Flores Hotel is now the biggest and the first four star hotel on Flores island. The presence of Bintang Flores Hotel in Labuanbajo provides an opportunity for travellers to experience four star hotel comfort while still having an opportunity to see the wilderness atmosphere in Komodo National Park which is only 3 hours away by sail boat.

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From: USD 45

Waecicu Eden Beach Hotel is a newly opened accommodation in Labuanbajo built on a beautiful slope of a hill, about 10 minutes by boat north of Labuanbajo. The rooms are housed in local style bungalows well blended with its virgin surroundings.

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From: USD 32

Wisma Suster MBC also known as Hotel Susteran in Ruteng is a guesthouse built by the Sisters of the Sorrowed Mother Mary Congregation - for internal purposes. Later on, the guesthouse started receiving foreign visitors who sought a much better accommodation in comparison to the already available home-stays in Ruteng. The Wisma Suster MBC is also known as Wisma Suster Maria Berdukacita - Ruteng.

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Pondok SVD

Location: Riung

From: USD 20

Pondok SVD is a guest house built by a Catholic Priest - a member of the Society of Divine Word (SVD stands for Societas Verbi Divini)-for internal purposes. Later on, the guest house started receiving foreign visitors who seek a much better accommodation in comparison to the already available home-stays in Riung.

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From: USD 85

Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge is a newly built hotel standard accommodation in Moni - the gateway of the famous Kelimutu Colored Lakes. The lodge is beautifully nestled on the lush green environment next to a creek of Moni with rice fields and mountain view. The rooms are housed on several bungalows and chalets with western style bathrooms.

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From: USD 40

Sea World Club is a hotel built and managed by the local Catholic Foundation in Maumere - Flores. Located at Waiara beach on Maumere Bay away from the main road, it offers a simple hideaway sanctuary for those who want to experience genuine local hospitality.

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From: USD 65

Located on a hill facing the Indian Ocean in a remote place on Sumba island makes Sumba Nautil Resort a good place for your hideaway. Rooms are housed in seven bungalows furnished with Sumba artifacts and crafts.

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From: USD 20

Hotel Sinar Tambolaka is a newly built hotel in Waitabula and it is now the only hotel in town. It is built as to the facts that Waitabula, a newly appointed capitol town of the new regency of Sumba Barat Daya has no other hotel.

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From: USD 55

Newa Sumba Resort is built by the native West Sumba business man, the late Mr. Djakababa as part of his responsibility to his native home island of Sumba. The resort is approximately 100 hectares of flat land space on the beach of Newa with Sumba lowland forests.

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From: USD 35

Hotel Elvin is a well placed option within the Waingapu district, with some classing it as the best hotel in the area.

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Welcome to Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands!

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