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Welcome to Komodo!

Selamat pagi, and welcome to Komodo, we are your local connection in Komodo - servicing Komodo National Park, Flores and Sumba (Lesser Sunda Islands) - and it is our firm belief that tourism can help bring peace to the world. Tourism sees no race, ethnicity, colour or differentiation among humans. On your travels to Komodo we promise all you will see is fantastic natural beauty and witness a local way of life that will leave you begging for more. Book one of our Komodo hotels and immerse yourself in a truly Indonesian experience. Incito Vacations is owned & run by Ng Sebastian and his team who are only happy to help.


Incito Tours was established in 2005 utilising Sebastian's house as the main office, with one other staff member and five staff in Lesser Sunda Islands. However, it did not take long for things to pick up and in 2006 Incito moved their offices from the humble beginnings of a home office into downtown Makasar, to not only start building the company profile but also help promote the company to domestic tourists at the same time.

Today, the main business comes from the inbound tourism side of the industry and generally Western Europeans make up the majority percentage. Sebastian now works with several Tour Operators acting as the ground operator for the destinations of Lesser Sunda Islands, South Sulawesi and East Indonesia.

Team Incito Prima Team
Sebastian began his professional tour operator life as a guide in 1987, when he was recruited by a company to be a payroll guide in Sulawesi and East Indonesia. In 1992 he was appointed to branch manager of a company for the Lesser Sunda destination, stationed in Maumere which he held until late 2004. He and his team are prepared to serve and assist you in anyway possible, ensuring your visit to this Island spectacular is truly memorable.

Sustainable Tourism

The team at Incito Tours love tourism and live there life via tourism. They feel that tourism has to be developed and carried out in such a way that it continues to involve locals, hence increasing the chances of continuing on a sustainable path.

At the moment Sebastian is involved in assisting a group of women in his home village in Flores Island, encouraging them to begin producing the natural dyes such as Indigo on local weaved cotton fabric again, a tradition that has almost been forgotten.

The group was founded in 2005 with an initial cash injection from Incito Tour to help get things started. Sebastian keeps a close eye on proceedings and meets with the village locals every Christmas to catch up and share ideas for the New Year. They have visions of making it a tourism village as it is so close to Riung Nature Conservation Park.

More information about what Incito Vacations are doing for sustainable tourism can be found here http://incito-tour.blogspot.com/