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Backpacker in Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands

From: USD 40

The Chez Feliz Hotel is one of the pioneer hotels in Labuanbajo. It was built far before regular flights servicing Labuanbajo airport. Chez Felix is managed by the native Manggarai family. It was started with a few rooms at the home of its owner. Later on, some new buildings were built whilst the original house where Chez Felix started still remains in its place.

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From: USD 31

Wisma Santu Fransiskus or Saint Francis Guesthouse was built by the Sisters of St Francis for religious purposes. The guesthouse, later on, started receiving foreign visitors who were seeking a much better accommodation in comparison with the already existing homestays in Moni. It is also known as Missionary Guest House.

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Flores Sare

Location: Moni

From: USD 35

Flores Sare is now the biggest accommodation in Moni, just 13 kilometres from the Kelimutu colored lakes. The hotel is located right at the main road of Flores. The rooms are spacious and clean in comparison to smaller homestays in Moni.

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From: USD 25

Hotel Dwi Putra is the biggest hotel in Ende. The rooms are housed on a 4 storey building where the owner also shares the space for living on the second floor. The hotel management which is controlled from the second floor, where the restaurant and all the administration process located, is run by the owner - a lady assisted by her daughter.

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From: USD 26

Hotel Bintang Wisata Riung is located in the heart of Riung. It is a brand new hotel built in Riung to provide much better accommodation in the area. 

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From: USD 44

Waecicu Eden Beach Hotel is a newly opened accommodation in Labuanbajo built on a beautiful slope of a hill, about 10 minutes by boat north of Labuanbajo. The rooms are housed in local style bungalows well blended with its virgin surroundings.

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