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Lodge in Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands

From: USD 91

The Bajo Komodo Eco Lodge in Labuanbajo is part of a series of eco lodges in Borneo, Bali and other places, which are managed by the INDRADEF Foundation. The lodges place special emphasis on environmental protection.

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From: USD 40

Sea World Club is a hotel built and managed by the local Catholic Foundation in Maumere - Flores. Located at Waiara beach on Maumere Bay away from the main road, it offers a simple hideaway sanctuary for those who want to experience genuine local hospitality.

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From: USD 45

Waecicu Eden Beach Hotel is a newly opened accommodation in Labuanbajo built on a beautiful slope of a hill, about 10 minutes by boat north of Labuanbajo. The rooms are housed in local style bungalows well blended with its virgin surroundings.

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From: USD 85

Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge is a newly built hotel standard accommodation in Moni - the gateway of the famous Kelimutu Colored Lakes. The lodge is beautifully nestled on the lush green environment next to a creek of Moni with rice fields and mountain view. The rooms are housed on several bungalows and chalets with western style bathrooms.

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