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Komodo and Lesser Sunda Islands Tours and Activities

Welcome to our online Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands tours and activities booking portal! We offer exciting tours in Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands that will allow you to explore the highlights of these beautiful Indonesian Islands. Choose from our wide range below or contact us to find out more! Currently we offer:

- Komodo National Park Tours
- Komodo Island Tours
- Komodo Diving Tours
- Flores Island Tours
- Sumba Island Tours

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Komodo Day trip

Duration: 11 hours

Nature gave the best things to the habitat of Komodo Dragons, including white sand beaches, crystal clear water and a superb underwater ecosystem, that offers a complete experience for visitors. Refresh and relax after a trek on the dry and hot land programs.

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Rinca in One Day

Duration: 12 hours

Rinca Island is one of the two main islands on Komodo National Park. It is closer to Labuanbajo and many visitors find it much more interesting to trace the Komodo Dragons in the wild on Rinca Island.

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Sumba Cultural Tour

Duration: 6 days
USD 606 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Sumba Island is one of the very few islands in Indonesia, which has latest contact with western civilization. It is the reason why the Sumbanese still practice Marapu - the ancient "religion" up to present time. [more info]

USD 370 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

The program gives you chance to explore the best of Flores Island nature and culture. The visits to various traditional villages are included in the program.

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Flores Culture and Nature

Duration: 6 days

The program shows you the rich mixture of culture set perfectly in a beautiful natural setting. From soaring volcanoes to three colored crater lakes to traditional villages

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Flores Komodo in 6 Days

Duration: 6 days
USD 920 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

The program is composed to fit the need of traveler who has shorter time to explore the island of Flores and Komodo, yet it gives the best of the islands in 6 days.

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Kelimutu is one of the main attractions on Flores Island. It is probably the only such crater lakes in the world. Three lakes next to each other at an altitude of 1680 m above sea level. Each have different colors due to active mineral dissolve. [more info]

Exotic Flores Komodo 8 Days

Duration: 8 days

The program shows you the rich mixture of culture set perfectly on the beautiful setting of nature. From soaring volcanoes to three colored crater lakes to traditional villages and Komodo dragons.

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Waerebo is the only traditional Manggarai ethnic village with traditional houses.  It is located at analtitude 0f 1,125 m above sea level amongst the Nature Conservation forest.

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The report on excavation of remains of Homo Floresiensis in Flores published on Nature Magazine triggered a controversy. The study was made later on only to confirm that it is ancient hominids who live side by side with modern humans until 18,000 years ago. [more info]