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Responsible Komodo Accommodation

Meet and stay with people and places that care for their destination! All the Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands hotels and accommodation options listed below make valuable contributions to their communities in one way or another. In keeping with responsible travel practices, they support the local communities of which they are a part. Our locally owned and operated Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands hotel booking site is for those looking to book socially and environmentally responsible accommodation from local businesses. Choose from our personally selected responsible Komodo hotels below and give a little back to the local community whilst on your Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands holiday.


From: USD 225

Angel Island Resort is located on a tiny island off shore of Labuanbajo. The island is locally known as Pulau Bidadari.

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From: USD 70

The Bajo Komodo Eco Lodge in Labuanbajo is part of a series of eco lodges in Borneo, Bali and other places, which are managed by the INDRADEF Foundation. The lodges place special emphasis on environmental protection.

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From: USD 50

Bayview Gardens Hotel is the only boutique hotel in Labuan Bajo with a spectacular view over the harbour of Labuan Bajo and the fisherman villages with the Komodo National Park Islands in the background. Set on a slope of a hill at 160 meters above sea level, it offers perfect red sunsets in the rainy season. The lush green vegetation in the resort makes the guests feel like they are staying in a botanical garden. The view from every room is spectacular.

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From: USD 40

The Chez Feliz Hotel is one of the pioneer hotels in Labuanbajo. It was built far before regular flights servicing Labuanbajo airport. Chez Felix is managed by the native Manggarai family. It was started with a few rooms at the home of its owner. Later on, some new buildings were built whilst the original house where Chez Felix started still remains in its place.

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From: USD 73

Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge is a newly built hotel standard accommodation in Moni - the gateway of the famous Kelimutu Colored Lakes. The lodge is beautifully nestled on the lush green environment next to a creek of Moni with rice fields and mountain view. The rooms are housed on several bungalows and chalets with western style bathrooms.

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From: USD 44

Sea World Club is a hotel built and managed by the local Catholic Foundation in Maumere - Flores. Located at Waiara beach on Maumere Bay away from the main road, it offers a simple hideaway sanctuary for those who want to experience genuine local hospitality.

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From: USD 65

Located on a hill facing the Indian Ocean in a remote place on Sumba island makes Sumba Nautil Resort a good place for your hideaway. Rooms are housed in seven bungalows furnished with Sumba artifacts and crafts.

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From: USD 31

Wisma Santu Fransiskus or Saint Francis Guesthouse was built by the Sisters of St Francis for religious purposes. The guesthouse, later on, started receiving foreign visitors who were seeking a much better accommodation in comparison with the already existing homestays in Moni. It is also known as Missionary Guest House.

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